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Chris' Air Retainer (CAR-1)

Three in one foreskin device

#1 Direct air inflation: I designed this specifically for direct air.

#2 Tugger: will work as a tugger with a leg strap or wherever you have to apply tension with.

#3 retainer: will work as a retainer but it wont be as comfortable as a dedicated retainer would be.Combining air and tugging there will be a tradeoff. more air = less tugging tension

listing is for 1 device plus options chosen


now includes a way to inflate. I'll include the inflation bulb as long as i can get them otherwise I'll include a syringe. if the inflation bulb is in stock in my store your order will ship with one.

I get a lot of messages asking things that are covered here. I'm a one man show and answering questions that are already covered here takes time from production.

##Check your paypal address before ordering##

if you haven't used it in a while it might have an old address. 


###!!! Pleas make sure your address is correct!!!###

If you're not from an English speaking country please make sure your address is in English. Make sure your first and last name are there also as customs require them. Adding your phone number is recomended in case of any customs issues.

###!!!There is a slit in the bottom it's the air valve and not a defect.!!!###

All my silicone items are made with dragon skin silicone from smooth-on and is certified skin safe.

I have elastic leg straps also

Free shipping in the USA

International will pay actual shipping cost based on location. I'll ship anywhere legally allowed to.

DISCRETE SHIPPING!!!!!! I send these out in a padded mailer that has to be cut open. I don't ship it with anything that says what it is and it only has my name and address on the outside. I did this so I wouldn't possibly out someone that wants to keep it private. I also don't leave feedback for the same reason.



Chris' Air Retainer (CAR-1)

  • lead time is 7-10 days before shipping

    free usa shipping is 1-5 days travel time

    International shipping is 1-4 weeks travel time

    If you are planing on taking a vaction don't order a week before you leave and expect it to be there before you leave.

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